Kuva: Nurith Wagner Strauss

Olive Bieringa: Weather walk (NO)

Weather walk avautuu yksilöllisinä esitysmatkoina maiseman halki, joilla muutamme kevyen jutustelumme säästä merkitystä kantavaksi puheeksi ilmastokriisistä. “Miten ilmastokriisi resonoi minussa?”
Kuva: Luis Alvarez

How did you end up doing this work? Your path to the artwork?

Weather walk is the first part of a larger three part project titled Resisting Extinction. It seems like a developmentally appropriate point of entry to begin the work as an intimate change between two people where we explore the question “How does the climate crisis resonate in me?” Resisting Extinction offers practices for living and dying together on a damaged earth. Resisting Extinction moves from this one-on-one format to a collective participatory practice. You can learn more about it at 

The birth process of your work?

The whole work emerged as a clear vision. Then I started to play,  nviting people to weather walk with me during the pandemic along the Oslo fjord. weather walk, unfolds as one-on-one performance journeys through the landscape in which we transform our small talk about the weather into meaningful talk about the climate crisis. Let’s see what happens!

What does one-to-one art bring to you as an artist?

I love the intimacy and exchange that can unfold in a one-to-one performance work.  This is the fourth one-to-one work I have created. 

Who is the one you wish to experience your work?

English speaking people curious to walk and talk about the weather. 

Greetings from you, the artist, to the visitors of the festival

I am excited to visit Oulu for the first time and learn all about its weather!

Kuva: Robert Maybach