Kehä Festival, open to the public, will be held from 1 – 2.11.2024 at the Culture House Valve in Oulu.
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📸 Nurith Wagner Strauss

Béatrice Didier (BE)

In silence
In a world where all can change overnight, can we, face to face, eye to eye, one to one, experiment being in the present moment and discover who we are through each other?

As our body is the place and time of our human condition ( D. Le Breton )


Carla Gomes (PT)

Meeting. Connection. Provocation.
The spectator is invited to enter this cabin alone. There, they meet someone who is already waiting for them and are challenged to reflect on some questions. Can the person answer? Whatever the answer, they will find a hug. In the end, it’s up to the audience to leave their mark.


Dmytro Grynov (UA/DE)

is a solo performance about climate change and humanity’s future. It follows the protagonist’s internal struggle as he seeks answers to the question, “What went wrong?”

Through memories and re-enactments, he confronts the choice between acknowledging the danger or staying blind to it. The piece depicts his journey to accept reality, coping with current challenges, and deciding if he will find hope or be overwhelmed by his emotions.


Eva Holts (UA)

Δia Kinets
Join to immerse yourself in my memories of school No. 18, destroyed by a Russian missile in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Compare my school memories with yours, and view films I found in classrooms. You can take one film and do everything that you want with it. 


Keumbyul Lim and Tevya Bombieri-Morales (DE)

The Blind Sight
is a small and intimate object theatre piece where the audience uses all their senses except sight. Through hearing, smelling and touch, the audience will experience three interwoven narratives about perception, remembering and loss.

📸 Minna Mäkipää

Maima Tani (FI)

In the Sea anemone performance a mysterious multi-tentacled creature moves around the space and occasionally bursts out speaking in “toe language”. The one experiencing the work might make contact with the organism. Maima’s sister, visual artist Satu Tani supports the performance by helping Maima to move while the costume obscures sight.

📸 Pasi Rauhala

Mammu Rauhala (FI)

Puettavat pensselit
The multisensory work invites you to play. Can you paint with a helmet or with your butt? How do the processions sound? How does the material tempt you to move? With the help of various wearable drawing and painting tools we together leave traces in space and on paper.


Olive Bieringa (NO)

Weather walk
unfolds as one-on-one performance journeys through the landscape in which we transform our small talk about the weather into meaningful talk about the climate crisis. “How does the climate crisis resonate in me?”

📸 Jesper Dolgov

Roosa Halme (FI)

Block Theatre: Variation II – My Blocks of Life
A wooden block hides an endless number of meanings. The blocks form living sculptures that are born, fall apart and are then rebuilt again. In this piece we build worlds around us and within us, one block at a time.

📸 Frans Rinne

Satu Hakamäki (FI)

Chosen Parts 1
is the caressing touch of light, the mystery and safety of darkness, a celebration of body and movement. It’s a chance to play with the themes of power, being the object of a gaze and looking at someone in the  aesthetics of precise spotlights and sharp shadows.

The work contains everyday nudity.


Susi Nousiainen (FI)

Pyydän anteeksi
The participant tells the artist something that he/she/they would like to be apologised for. The artist and the participant plan together what pieces the apology will contain. Then the artist performs the wished apology.


Lena Giuliano (BR)

Things to do after you die
How does the other see me? How do I present myself to others? The audience is invited to lie down in a coffin. What is it like to experience it in life? The writer-performer writes a poetic obituary of the audience based only on her first impression.