Kehä-festival is becoming international

In 2024 and 2025, the Kehä Festival will be organised as part of the One-to-One Art project, which has been awarded Creative Europe funding for the period 1.11.2023 – 30.4.2026. The City of Oulu will also support the project. ILME’s partners in the project are the theatre group Gato Escaldado from Lisbon, Portugal, and the residency operator House collective from Klanjec, Croatia. In each country, different ways of bringing bilingual art to the public will be developed during the project.

The 2024 Kehä Festival will take place in Oulu from 30 October to 2 November 2024.

The call for works for the 2024 Kehä Festival will open in February 2024 and the programme will be announced in June 2024.


Kehä taiteellinen johtaja / Artistic Director Timo Harju

044 986 9024

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Article photo:
Artist Karoliina Loimaala.
Photographer Anniina Kettunen