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Eva Holts: Δia Kinets (UA)

Join to immerse yourself in my memories of school No. 18, destroyed by a Russian missile in Chernihiv, Ukraine.
Compare my school memories with yours, and view films I found in classrooms. You can take one film and do everything that you want with it.
Kuva: TBA

Greetings, future participant of the performance “Δia Kinets”

If you join this performance, you will immerse yourself in my memories of my school No. 18.

The school where I once studied, was destroyed by a russian missile. In the city where I was born and raised — Chernihiv, Ukraine.

Instead of the school, there is emptiness and ruins, experiencing their second postmortal life. You will perceive the sounds of the wind as footsteps. And you can compare my memories of school years with your school memories. We will think about how the role of a place and the objects inside change after fire and destruction. I will show you films I found in the classrooms where children once studied. 

Kuva: TBA
Kuva: TBA

You will be able to see the details of the films under a microscope or magnifying glass. You can paint on it, cut out certain elements, glue them — anything you want… And then you can take this film with you or throw it right into the trash on the spot.

(Note: my performance consists of the next parts: video watching, speaking, and collage making).