Kuva: TBA

Dmytro Grynov: (Dis)connect (UA/DE)

(Dis)connect is a solo performance about climate change and humanity’s future.
It follows the protagonist’s internal struggle as he seeks answers to the question, “What went wrong?”
Through memories and re-enactments, he confronts the choice between acknowledging the danger or staying blind to it.
The piece depicts his journey to accept reality, coping with current challenges, and deciding if he will find hope or be overwhelmed by his emotions.
Kuva: TBA

The birth process of your work?

My initial thought process was dedicated to reflection of the body and mind towards unacceptance of the situation. How we all under harsh conditions make different choices and normally give up. Rooting deeply in personal experience I wanted to impersonate this position of cornered personality that seeks for resolution in order to make a difficult decision to accept the mainstream or break the rules. Later I decided to address the message of the work towards the topic of climate change issues as one of the strongest points of ignorance in our modern world. I believe my work is very multidimensional and can be interpreted in various contexts and be connected with different people on a visceral level.

What does one-to-one art bring to you as an artist?

One to one gives me a unique perspective to have an intimate conversation with my spectator and to address the message of the work more directly by questioning, claiming space and even confronting. I’m intrigued how addressing the work towards one person will change its character and how this intimate presence will transform the spirit of the work and bring it to a new level.

Who is the one you wish to experience your work?

I’m really curious how work will be perceived by the older generation of people. As well how people, who had experienced some trauma or power abuse, could react towards the show.

Greetings from you, the artist, to the visitors of the festival

Dear festival visitors,
I kindly invite you to explore the unique atmosphere of the festival and to dive fully into the world of performances. I encourage you to experience unique intimate storytelling that will make an imprint on you and show a different perspective of the world.

Kuva: TBA