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Carla Gomes: Cabine (Pt)

Meeting. Connection. Provocation.
The spectator is invited to enter this cabin alone.
There, they meet someone who is already waiting for them and are challenged to reflect on some questions.
Can the person answer? Whatever the answer, they will find a hug.
In the end, it’s up to the audience to leave their mark.
Kuva: TBA

How did you end up doing this work? Your path to the work of art?

This work arose from my incessant quest to understand the complexity of human interactions. It came about through a challenge to create a performance for a festival called Serralves em Festa by the director of my college, Eduarda Neves. Without much time to create, I came up with this fundamental idea of bringing people
together and asking essential questions that we no longer think about or reflect on due to the rush of life. This space and dialogue opens up a place for everyone’s vulnerability.

How did your work come about?

The process began with observation and reflection on loneliness and the need for connection that we all feel. I imagined a space where this connection could be intensified and where the encounter could be deeper. The Cabine represents a microcosm where barriers are broken down and vulnerability is the key to interaction.
With the characteristic that there is an open dialog without any judgments, this performance is a free space for everyone.

What does individual art bring to you as an artist?

Individual art is my purest and most intimate form of expression. It allows me to explore my own emotions and thoughts, while creating a bridge for the viewer to connect with me and themselves in a unique and personal way.

Who is the person you want to experience your work?

I want everyone, regardless of their origin, race or ethnicity or experience, to enter the cabin and experience this moment. I believe that the experience of connection and reflection is universal and everyone can benefit from it.

Kuva: TBA
Kuva: TBA

Greetings from you, the artist, to festival visitors.

Greetings to all festival visitors! I invite you to dive into this experience with an open mind and a receptive heart. May the interaction in the cabin be a mirror for your own inner journey and, in the end, may each of you leave your mark, further enriching this collective work of art. Art is a meeting of souls and I hope that this performance will be a space of discovery and welcome for everyone.