Artist application open 1.2.-10.3.2024

We invite you to bring your one-to-one work to our festivals. Bilingual art means works that are created by one artist for one person at a time. Works from all artistic disciplines are welcome. Artists with special needs can also apply. You can propose your work for the Kehä Festival in Oulu, Finland (30 October-2 November 2024), the One-to-One Festival in Lisbon, Portugal (15-17 November 2024) or both.

We are looking for three types of works:

  1. private works, where the artist and the experimenter are alone in a space, in absolute confidentiality.
  2. public works of duality, where the contact between the artist and the experimenter can be observed by a wider public.
  3. Works that are constructed over the course of a day, where the traces of the participants form an exhibition, concert or other ensemble. We want to give artists the freedom to explore the art form. What does one-to-one art make possible? Works can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

Find out more at and apply to be an artist at the Ring Festival!

Article photo:
Artist Emma Fält: Creating Space for Listening
Photographer Anniina Kettunen